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CF-Création - Tailor-made Jewelry Shop

Last creative journey with Mamadou (2023)


I’m back in Senegal at my jeweler friend Mamadou.

We have created 4 pairs of fine silver earrings, with local techniques and style…I bring a more contemporary touch.







 Découvrez le processus en images sur mon instagram ou mon facebook





One month at Senegalese jeweler Mamadou (2020)

Discover this wonderful sharing of knowledge that I experienced during a month in Senegal with my colleague Mamadou and his family, all jewelers.

We have made a necklace inspired by antiquity, you can follow the creation through a series of mini films.

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 1

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 2

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 3

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 4

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 5

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 6

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 7

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 8

Christel chez Mamadou- episode 9


“Jewelers around the world”

During the many trips made with my husband we have always met jewelers, so it is natural that we decided to put these meetings in pictures to share them!


Our last trip took us to Rajasthan, India, specifically to the walled city of Jasailmer lost in the Thar Desert. We spent a few days there with the Soni brothers jewelers from father to son, real artists recognized by the highest authorities of their country. Their work is unique and remarkable, they create finely engraved and openwork jewels, which tell stories of Indian Gods and  Goddesses, the region of Thar, …


In 2016 we met Mamadou, Senegalese jeweler with whom I worked for several days to produce a set of filigree and granulation, traditional African techniques. We made a small report that you can discover on:


In 2017 during our trip to Sri Lanka, we discovered a jewelery shop in the jungle a few steps from where we were staying … what a surprise!


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Christel Falconnier
Avenue de Rumine 40

+41 21 601 41 02
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Christel Falconnier Cornelius, Lausanne, 1978

Passionate about drawing and handicrafts since my early childhood, I attended a number of courses and workshops in artistic expression and went on to work on various illustration and design projects, such as interactive DVDs, CD sleeves, posters and neon signs.

After high school, I chose to study jewellery, which enabled me to work in my various areas of interest, such as design, creativity, drawing, modelling and human relationships. At the technical school of the Vallée de Joux, I discovered working with metal and stones, pearls and other gemstones.

I completed my apprenticeship in 2001 and took a course in stone setting. I went to work for a jeweller in Geneva, Georges Daniel Rémy, and alongside this craftsman spent 6 years perfecting my skills by working in such areas as haute joaillerie, metalworking, jewellery valuation and customer advice.

At the same time, I made a variety of pieces for other people. This experience confirmed my desire to create my own designs and I decided to devote my time to a more personal project. In June 2005, I set up my own jewellery workshop.

Since 2007, my workshop has been housed in a converted laundry on Avenue de Rumine in Lausanne, which is quite different from a conventional jeweller’s workshop. I specialise in tailor-made jewellery, which allows customers to determine all the parameters of their pieces themselves and to create unique and personalised items. I also produce small collections for special events. My internet site represents the most important permanent exhibition of my creations

Travelling, different surroundings and different mentalities provide me with inspiration, enrich my technique and stimulate my creativity. My pieces transform natural elements such as fossils, shells and pebbles into objects for a contemporary urban environment.