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CF-Création - Tailor-made Jewelry Shop



I specialise in creating unique and personalised items specially realised with and for you.
Custom-tailoring items allows jewellery to be fashioned to harmonise perfectly with the person it is intended for. Each individual is unique in terms of fingers, neck, earlobes and bust and this requires meticulous fine-tuning to ensure that the jewellery sits comfortably and is in complete harmony with its wearer. This concept is perfect for the creation of wedding rings since more and more couples want rings that are unique and just right for them.



Bespoke-crafting jewellery in this way enables customers to follow the entire process involved in its the creation – from formulating the project and evaluating design drawings, through trialling a wax prototype and the metal version, right up to choosing the final finish. The customer is involved in every step of the creative process and can modify the concept and approve proposals at any time.


Alloys of gold, platinum, palladium and silver are all possible depending on the type of jewellery and your personal preference.
Designs are also possible in other materials, such as steel, titanium, carbon fibre, wood, enamel, white and coloured diamonds, precious gems and pearls.


All the precious metals that I use are certified as ecological and are the product of closed-loop recycling. More information under www.orecologique.ch

Since 2008, I have been advising my customers to have their wedding rings made from clean gold since its production respects the environment by not using mercury and helps improve the social conditions of gold miners. In addition, it certifies traceability of the mine for jewellers. There are a number of different projects which offer gold that is ecologically friendly, but the volume available is neither as great nor as regular as for gold from standard production. Article Hebdo May 2013: “La lente naissance de l’or juste”. The gold I have chosen and that I am currently working with is fairtrade gold from Max Havelaar.



Recycle your old gold and create a new object or transform your out-dated jewellery.


Collaboration with the River company provides access to untreated precious gems of clean origin.
Coloured Ilakaka sapphires from the south of Madagascar. For each gram of raw material produced, the mine promises to pay for a certain number of meals in a school on behalf of the Telma foundation These meals not only feed children but also encourage them to obtain an education. Monthly production is approximately 15 kg which ensures several thousand meals.


It is important to create the item a customer requires within his or her budget. The creation of a wax prototype makes it possible for a final price to be calculated before the project is realised in precious metals. In this way, it is possible to know the price of the jewellery in different materials before a final choice is made. It is also possible to pay by selling gold.


I work by appointment only, which ensures the time necessary to discuss the project in detail. Appointments take place in my workshop, which is located in a converted laundry. This room provides an unusual and quirky environment which reflects the small scale and creativity of my company. During fittings, all modifications are made on site and in the presence of the customer.



In addition to bespoke pieces, I also create small collections inspired by my various travels and by my natural surroundings. I present these on my internet site or at exhibitions.

I am always available for further information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your project without any obligation.

Atelier sur rendez-vous

+41 21 601 41 02
+41 79 503 07 48



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Christel Falconnier
Avenue de Rumine 40

+41 21 601 41 02
+41 79 503 07 48




Christel Falconnier Cornelius, Lausanne, 1978

Passionate about drawing and handicrafts since my early childhood, I attended a number of courses and workshops in artistic expression and went on to work on various illustration and design projects, such as interactive DVDs, CD sleeves, posters and neon signs.

After high school, I chose to study jewellery, which enabled me to work in my various areas of interest, such as design, creativity, drawing, modelling and human relationships. At the technical school of the Vallée de Joux, I discovered working with metal and stones, pearls and other gemstones.

I completed my apprenticeship in 2001 and took a course in stone setting. I went to work for a jeweller in Geneva, Georges Daniel Rémy, and alongside this craftsman spent 6 years perfecting my skills by working in such areas as haute joaillerie, metalworking, jewellery valuation and customer advice.

At the same time, I made a variety of pieces for other people. This experience confirmed my desire to create my own designs and I decided to devote my time to a more personal project. In June 2005, I set up my own jewellery workshop.

Since 2007, my workshop has been housed in a converted laundry on Avenue de Rumine in Lausanne, which is quite different from a conventional jeweller’s workshop. I specialise in tailor-made jewellery, which allows customers to determine all the parameters of their pieces themselves and to create unique and personalised items. I also produce small collections for special events. My internet site represents the most important permanent exhibition of my creations

Travelling, different surroundings and different mentalities provide me with inspiration, enrich my technique and stimulate my creativity. My pieces transform natural elements such as fossils, shells and pebbles into objects for a contemporary urban environment.